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Bridging the Gap Between Training and Business Results

Four HR Challenges determine the Sustainability of your Organization
and the Employability of your Employees

  1. THE SKILLS OF YOUR EMPLOYEES MUST CHANGE AND EVOLVE AT A PRODIGIOUS SPEED  -  Estimates suggest that on average 35% of key competencies change every 5 years. Systematic recourse to external recruitment to "steal" skills is increasingly difficult and expensive as companies are looking for the same specialized profiles at the same time. It is also becoming less and less useful since the people recruited will need to be trained quickly to maintain their competitive edge. Competence is a highly perishable commodity. 
  2. NEW SKILLS AND KNOW-HOW MUST BE APPLIED IN YOUR ORGANIZATION - It is unacceptable that 40-80% of the training provided is never applied. Training must meet the real needs of the organisation and its employees. It is therefore essential that what has been learned in training is put into practice at the workplace.
  3. EMPLOYEES MUST BE PROVIDED WITH APPROPRIATE POST-TRAINING SUPPORT- Gone are the days when employees were trained and then left to fend for themselves when they returned to work with varying degrees of success. HR departments must now be able to provide adapted support (coaching, mentoring, digital tools, etc.) that facilitates and encourages the practice of what has been taught in training. 
  4. THE TRAINING PROCESS MUST DEMONSTRATE ITS USEFULNESS AND EFFECTIVENESS -  It is necessary to implement a methodology and its associated processes that effectively demonstrate the ability of training to meet the real needs of organizations and their employees. An objective evaluation of the impact of training is essential to manage change.

Training does not produce Expected Results
and that has to change...

Here are the expectations of Business Leaders in order of importance
and... the results obtained:

Figures from "Measuring What Matters", Jack & Patti Phillips.

1. Alignment of Training with Business Strategy


2. Impact of Training


3. Delivery of Certificates at the end of training


4. Application of Training at the Workplace


5. Embedded teachings


Learning and Development Business Partners :
Partner for Useful and Effective Training Investments

We align training efforts with your organization's strategy and the real needs of your employees.

We put in place an organization, and the practices and tools to evaluate and ensure the usefulness, effectiveness and quality of training.

At each stage of your training project, you have a precise idea of the relevance of the system put in place and its operational impact.

The methods we propose to you have proven their effectiveness.
According to Towards Maturity Research, companies that align training with business issues are:
- 13 times more likely to see their sales increase
- 9 times more likely to experience an increase in productivity
- 5 times more likely to achieve improved customer satisfaction
- 50% more likely to notice a positive change in the behaviour of their employees 

Our experts help you to effectively manage the 6 tasks that need to be carried out simultaneously when you initiate a Training project

1. Pedagogy and learner support
2. Communication with various internal and external stakeholders
3. Measuring the effectiveness and impact of training
4. Logistics and information technology
5. Adjustment of the work environment 
6. Project management (coordination and monitoring of tasks) 


Learning and Development Business Partners :
A recognized Know-How to intervene on 4 Key Factors of Success


Passing on know-how and Soft Skills to employees as effectively as possible.


Provide adapted training and post-training support (including relevant digital solutions).

Reassure, inspire, motivate the people involved or affected by the training to achieve maximum impact.


Ensure a physical, psychological  and social environment that encourages practical application of training.


Evaluate each step of the Training process and measure results.

Stay on course and act effectively in case of deviation.

Learning and Development Business Partners :
our Range of Services


We make an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and the relevance of your training system.
So obtaining an accurate picture of your organisation's positioning in relation to best practices. 


We intervene in a targeted manner to:
- Support Training Managers so that they become true Business Partners for the company.
- Run training courses, meetings or conferences to improve the relevance and effectiveness of your training courses.


We offer you tools:
- An application that helps your employees learn from their emotions and reactions (Learning From Emotions)
- Methods that facilitate better teamwork (MBTI, Process Communication,...)

Learning and Development Business Partners :
2 founders surrounded by a team of recognized HR consultants

Pierre has successfully led training projects for organizations of all sizes (SMEs, large international groups) in multiple fields (IT, finance, management, sales, marketing, etc.) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK. He is the designer of the "Learning From Emotions" application.

A few references:
- Renault
- Peugeot
- Citroën
- Nissan
- SMEs and associations 

Florence has been in charge of training for a major consulting firm. Member of the Garf (Group of Training Actors and Managers in France ) for 10 years, certified MBTI and Process Communication. Florence is particularly interested in the practice of Soft Skills in organizations and especially among Managers. Florence is co-developer of the "Learning From Emotions" application.

A few references:
- Ayming
- Forma 2+
- Oudinot Network
- SMEs and associations 

Learning and Development Business Partners - L&D BP - 67, rue Saint-Jacques 75005 Paris - Téléphone : +33 (0)1 49 11 46 65