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What is Process Communication®?

A communication model

Taibi Kahler PhD introduced the Process Communication Model® (PCM) in the United States in 1978. It was developed in part through research conducted in the 1970’s whilst he was working with NASA.  The model does not categorise people, but rather shows how all the possible personality types are in each of us, organised in our own unique order. It offers valuable methods for enhancing communication across the different personality types. 

Personality is composed of a unique, mixture of six personality types. We can observe multiple aspects of personality, including behavioural traits, perceptual preferences, individualised motivators, unique ways of communicating and predictable, observable behaviour under stress. With knowledge and understanding of these behaviours we can improve the quality of our business and private relationships by facilitating the individualisation of our style of communication and leadership including our method of conflict management

With knowledge of PCM it is possible to monitor communication interaction, to facilitate avoidance of miscommunication with clearly defined strategies to restore communication, where it has been broken. This relevant and efficient model has rapidly grown in Europe to become an essential business tool.


The predictability of distress behaviour is one of the most valuable tools in the Process Communication Model® arsenal. 

The model then provides precise methods to enhance better self-management and better management of our interpersonal relationships even under stress. Because distress behaviours are very predictable, observation of these patterns is another valuable tool for assessing personality. Each personality type has its own way of behaving depending upon the nature and intensity of the stress to which they are subject. These six predictable, observable, and reversible behavioural sequences provide insight into understanding and managing interpersonal relationship difficulties and therefore, enhancing our efficiency both at work and outside of it.

People who use the Process Communication Model® benefit from a whole range of practical tools specifically designed for successful everyday management of communication.

Whether with employees, clients, partners, or colleagues; our business relationships become smoother, teams more motivated; team members accept ownership of projects and cooperate together contributing to team synergy and increased productivity with reduced stress levels.

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